Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is the Cinema dying?

Everytime I go to the movies, unless I'm attending a popular remake the theater is almost empty. How did such a big thing become so passe in a matter of mere years?
There are probably multiple factors to the decline of the box office. For one thing, movies in the '00s just suck. 2005 was probably a crappy movie year primarily because there were no more Lord of the Rings books to milk. The end of the year was saved only because of Chronicles of Narnia.
Another reason the box office is suffering (arguably, dying) is the proliferation of home video. Many people, it seems will only go out to see their very favorite movies, and will either buy other movies on DVD after they're released or will download them off the Internet.
Also, the general quality of the theater has declined greatly in recent decades. Food prices are rape, the previews are often half an hour long and the theatres tend to be dirty.
I don't think the cinema will die until home theater systems (and I'm not talking 4-foot screens, I'm talking 10-foot screens) become commonplace and cheap in the home, if that indeed ever happens. Just like the experience of going out to eat can't be replaced by eating at home, watching a DVD on a big-screen TV can not replace the experience of going out to the movies.


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