Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Oldies of the Zeroes

What songs of this decade will become classics?


Who Let The Dogs Out: This annoying song is already a minor classic
Breathe - Faith Hill: This song will probably become played in the commercials of the 2020s (if indeed there still are commercials then)
The Real Slim Shady - Eminem: A nostalgic reference point for Eminem, circa 2020
Southside - Moby: A 2000 hit made in 1999. Again, will be played to death in commercials in the tens and twenties.


Fat Lip - Sum 41: an Emo classic
Butterfly - Crazy Town: classic cheese
Toxicity - System of a Down


The Anthem - Good Charlotte: crappy emo pop
How You Remind Me - Nickelback: very generic, but good '00s rock song


Headstrong - Trapt: Corny numetal ("I see you're full of SHIT, but that's alright")
In Da Club - 50 Cent: This decade's Billie Jean?
Such Great Heights - The Postal Service: A neo-wave classic. Everything does look perfect from far away.
Tipsy - J-Kwon: A token example of cheesy glam rap


Toxic - Britney Spears/Pieces of Me - Ashlee Simpson: Token examples of dirrrty pop
Yeah! - Usher: The "Take on Me" of the Zeroes? Uggh, I hope not.
Take Me Out - Franz Ferdinand: Ahh, British indie rock. Good stuff.
American Idiot/Holiday - Green Day: The band of the Nineties becomes the band of the Zeroes by bashing Bush. That's so '00s.
This Love/She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5: Both of these songs are very "adult" '00s music. Great band by the way.


Hollaback Girl - Gwen Stefani - I don't care how much "We Belong Together" was played, this was the most popular song of '05, and is more '00s
How We Do - The Game - Corny '00s glam rap
Grillz - Nelly - The downfall of bling bling?
Sugar, We're Goin' Down - The rock song of 2005. Emo was huge this year.


You're Beautiful - James Blunt

I don't think any other songs of this year deserve any "potential classic" nominations yet.


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