Sunday, March 12, 2006

What are the Zeroes about?

Many people seem to think that this decade has no identity. They think the '00s are just a collage of the 20th Century decades, or a rerun of the '90s.

Not true.

The Zeroes is minimalism. The Zeroes is blank, bare white backgrounds, like this blog. The Zeroes is the iPod.
The Zeroes is Britney Spears. The Zeroes is Eminem. The Zeroes is Emo. Numetal is so early Zeroes. The Zeroes are the decade in which rap went from being a very popular genre of music to completely saturating culture.
The TV of the Zeroes is Reality. The Zeroes is CSI. South Park defines the darkest side of '00s entertainment. The Zeroes is 24 and Lost. And most of all, the Zeroes is Survivor and American Idol. Unfortunately.
The Zeroes is the Blog, the very medium this page is on. The Zeroes is the retro decade, where everybody tries to act like they're from some decade between the 1950s and 1980s.
The Zeroes is the decade of the idiot. The decade of the screw-ups. Take George Bush, for instance. Take John Kerry, who lost to him. Take Kobe Bryant. Take the biggest rock album of the decade so far, American Idiot.
The Zeroes is the decade in which the coffee-drinking, carefree people of the '90s were shoved into a coffee-drinking, disaster filled '00s.
And perhaps most of all, the Zeroes is the decade where it's cool to hate the Zeroes. Nobody watches TV anymore, or goes to the movies (and if they do, they won't buy food there). Screw this evil rap music, I'm turning on good ol' rock and roll. That music's shining with morals and melodies!


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