Sunday, March 12, 2006

Why "The Zeroes"?

We are now in the 21st Century. The ultra-modern age. Arguably, the beginning of the sci-fi era.

But what do we call this decade?

Most people perhaps refer to the current time as "The Two-Thousands". This terminoloy makes sense in 2006, but what about in 2012? Isn't 2010-2019 a different decade, and isn't it also the "Two-Thousands"?

Let's look at the other options:

The Noughties/Naughties: As only a British person could relate to this, this is out of the question. Some people may refer to the decade as this, but it will never become a universally accepted name.

The Aughts: This might work if we were entering the 20th Century.

The Units: Technically, I think this is the best name, but it doesn't sound like the name of a decade, and is rather phallic when you think about it.

The New Nineties: Even though the '00s are in many ways an extension of the Dot-Com decade, only assholes would refer to 2000-2009 as this.

The Ohs - This is a good contender, but the '00s are zeroes, not Os.

The Answer: The Zeroes

Sounds like a decade to me.


Blogger ZDecade said...

20 of them if you count them and yes 2000 - 2009 is one full decade but this decade lexicographically correct is from 2001 - (through) 2010 and if even there's too much strong debate for now about that the term "twenty" (20) still represents the first word of the 2 word term when we consider that 20 represents the hundred of years as did nineteen (19) in 1990's represent the nineteen hundreds. There's agreeably several misnomers on this storied topic but anyone who's read in America's culture knows the vernacular. For example "The Nineteen Hundreds" also is called the "Twentieth Century." Who knows a fast answer to that but so what? It's correct.
So 20 ZerO's or 'Os being there's a big fat O at the end of the word conveniently which supports use of the 2nd word for this 1st decade, of the 2-word term and Twenty (20) the 1st. On my forum at I have debaters who then at the least argued their points in step with real objections. Would any of your writers care to address here any of these points above that I've just made?

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